I propose a new extension - Ad Agency

Your company produces a variety of extensions of different directions, which are very functional

The extensions of Joomla is not enough of the product to create an advertising network sites

I am very sure that your company will be able to cope with the creation of such an expansion that would include the ability to post advertisements on sites in different formats:
- Mobile advertising;
- Video advertising;
- Advertising in the text;
- Partnerships ads;
- Flash banner;
- Transitional ads;
- Expandable - advertising module, showing the first high, and then (after a specified period of time) small banner format TopLine.;
- Standard banners (JPG, GIF);
- Rich-media - Interactive flash-movies that appear on top of the page contents;
- TopLine - A banner at the top of the page that occupies the full width of the window or the Site, regardless of the user's screen resolution and window size.
- Advertisement in the corner of the page;
- Branding of the site (the ability to brand site pages or in full);
- Floating advertising - Pop-Up, Pop-Under (through indicating how many seconds will be able to close the window, the number of impressions for a unique user);
- Preloadere banners;
- MultiScreen - a demonstration of one advertising spot several banners without reloading the page;
- FullScreen - page with commercials comes on top of the main site;
- Text Box - banners, which are quickly loaded by the browser and, more often than not contain graphics;
- ScreenGlide - a small banner that opens to its full size when you hover the mouse cursor over it;
- Paired banners (synchronous) - banners with the effects of collaboration;
- The angular banner raskhlopyvayuschiysya on mouseover;
- BackGround - banner - background image of a Web page;
- BackOver - by pointing the mouse cursor on the banner changes web page background;
- Multipanel banner (MPU, FlyScreen, OverLay). Several interrelated flash-movies;
- ExpandableMove - stretch banner. Revealed at the show, moving the contents of the page;
- CatFish - banner located at the bottom of the screen over the entire width of the page;
- Teaser unit - the publicity block, containing from one to ten teasers and slogans to them;
- Session Poster - banner is displayed for a particular session;
- LinkContext - keywords in this section are links on the page and lead to the specified URL.

- Advertising packages;
- Geo Targeting;
- Keyword Targeting;
- Social Targeting;
- Measure the results of the advertising company;
- CPI (cost per impression) - the cost of 1 display or CPM (cost per mille = cost per thousand impressions) - the cost of thousands of impressions
- CPC (cost per click) - the cost for 1 click
- CPT (cost per time) - price per time period or CPD (cost per day) - the cost per day of impressions
- CPO (cost per order) - the cost of the ordering process (as an advertiser pay for advertising to attract a single order.)
- Payment for 100% of impressions certain period of time
- Reports for legal entities;
- The number of banner impressions;
- Documents for legal persons;
- Various forms of payment available for DJ-Classifieds

- Show ads in any module position available in a template, or even on a different site. Where to advertise - it is an important decision. We need the flexibility to advertise anywhere and as much as necessary.

Interaction with the expansion of DJ-Classifieds you can do:
- Advertising ads in conjunction with DJ-Classifieds rashirineniem
- Advertising with zones of the regions;
- Advertising with zones categories ads

and so on

competitors in the extensions of this subject at the moment, I have not found


  • Support this idea
  • Support this idea

    Thank you!

    People who are interested in the opportunity to purchase such an application, who need more monetization of their sites, let's active support, the ability to create such a product!
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