Article Titles Cut Off

Hello, I need to have the Accordion Article Titles wrap to a new line on small screens vs being truncated (cut off). Many of the article titles are long and when on a phone you can't understand what they are about. e.g. "Help your bus..." is fine for a teaser but it's nice to see all the words.

I have used a few other accordion/slider extensions and they all expand the space to wrap the text.

Please make this a option for us that need it on small screens.



  • Hi Dave! As far as I heard you got the answer via our helpdesk - all good?
  • Hi, I am still explaining but hope this can be worked out asap. The mobile phone world is upon us and this fix would make this extension pretty much perfect.
  • no worries, we'll sort it out!
  • Do you know anything about this? I received a reply but it was only to clarify and now I have heard nothing for 24 hours. Just wondering if any updates before the weekend. Like a work around or it's going to be added, or no go.

  • Hi, I can see that it was solved on tickets, if any other questions please proceed there , thanks!
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