"Read More" problem when i assign a new category in a new tab

I would like to ask you about a problem that i'm facing. I'm using Joomla 3.x
I have dj-tabs enabled in my site and i use two tabs. Everything is working correctly.
I create a new category. Then i create a new article and i assign it in this category. After that i create a new tab and i assign the same category. In the front-end i see the new tab and the article, but when i click on the "read more" link it redirects me at the home page of my site. When the mouse is over "read more", i see that in the path (low left corner of my browser) the category has in front of it's name the ID (mysite.com/index.php/116-categoryname/article-alias). In the other two tabs the paths are without the ID number and everything is working fine.

Thank you in advance.

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    Problem solved.
    I should create a non published menu item which contains as a category blog, my new category's articles.


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