Styling the Active parent in DJCatalog2 Menu Module

Hey, I have been trying a dozen different things - can't get any to work.

My problem is easiest to understand by looking at the attached image. I want the parent which is active to appear with a different style.

This is not a roll-over issue - roll-over (hover) styles work fine. This is an active parent style.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you.


  • hi, what's your site address?
  • hi, so you'd like to have it like this: ?
  • edited June 2016
    Exactly Tomasz - may not be possible - but thought I'd ask.
    1 - When you click on a Category - the background stays red until you click on a different category.
    2 - Not just when you hover over it.

    Right now I am on this forum page. When I glance to the right - the DJ-Catalog2 Category button, on this page, is staying blue. --->

    It's retaining its active state. If that makes sense.
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