Issue with watermark


My page

I set up watermark that is added to every image.

If somebody add image in jpg evrything is ok.

But if somebody add image in png the watermark is not correct.


  • Hi , which version of the component do you use? It was fixed with version 3.4.2. Does it happen on higher version?
  • I use 3.3.2
  • yep, that's the problem. You should update DJ-Classifieds to most recent version as with the older versions there may be different issues fixed later. You can renew your subscription with 25% discount as explained here:
  • HEllo.

    I have now version 3.5.1 and issue is still there.
  • Please update to the most recent version (currently 3.6.1) and contact us via helpdesk providing your website access and we'll check what can be wrong. Please describe how to recreate the issue step by step so it speeds up the process. CHeers
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