DJ-ImageSlider Module Broke after Update to Joomla 3.6.x

I can´t get it to work properly


  • Hi, looks like issue with Jquery, try to install JqueryMonster and follow the instructions in this article; it should help
  • Hi. I followed your instructions, tried with JqueryMonster , but nothing got fixed.

    I also installed a fresh new Joomla 3.6.2 for another project, with protostar as template, and same error occurred.
    So, apparently, there is a incompatibility between DJ-ImageSlider and the new joomla 3.6.2.
  • Hi, for sure it's not an issue with incompatibility with latest Joomla (tested). Please let me know your site's url so I can check if there are any issues visible. thanks
  • It is a new site, almost finished, to be published soon. But now it’s under an intranet server until we solve this problem and complete the info. So I cannot send you an url
  • Ah, ok, so if you're on local environment the issue can be related to Joomla bug. If the local machine runs Windows, please try to move the site temporarily to some live server (linux based) and check if it solves the issues.
    Otherwise, please contact us here or directly at with the site url (when it's online) so we can check what's wrong there. I can assure you that the extension works as intended in latest Joomla.
  • Hi Tomasz
    I just sent you and email with the url.
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