Problem with thumbnails


I used DJCatalog before and never had this problem.
I see that the thumbnails are showing over the whole width of the page and not just under the head-image.
Can somebody help me and find the problem? You can see the problem here:
When I use three images it is ok, when more then three then you see this problem
Thanks a lot, I really apreciate it.



  • Nobody had this problem? I had to add css to get rid of this.
  • Hi Keske,

    I am having the exact same issue with all of the images stretching across the width of the page and then wrapping over top of each other. You said you added something to the css. Can you recall what you added? Thanks for any advice. Scott
  • Hi,

    Normally the component sets the width of images container, but it is calculated based on the targe width of large image. So please check component settings, Image Processing tab and make sure that large image's width is not empty and contains numeric values only (e.g. 500)
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