text on image when slider opened in lighbox

Hi everybody and thanks a lot for this very useful module, i am using it on a working site (at this moment still offline) into a page, i have 4 slider (one following another) and i would like to have text on images when opening in lightbox but it doesn't happens, i can only see text (image name) on the first one showing on page but not on the images when lightbox starts.
What i am doing wrong? I have changed every option in settings, but it seems to be not possible on images when displayed in lightbox.
Please help me.
Thanks in advice.


  • Hello,
    you need to enable the show description option in the module settings.

    If it doesn't work for you please provide us with your joomla back-end login details via our helpdesk system.

  • Ok sir, thanks, this works but this is not what i would like to see.
    If i enable SHOW DESCRIPTION i see TITLE and DESCRIPTION in home slide and when images are turned into LIGHTBOX, i would like to see only the title on each image when opened in LIGHTBOX, ONLY the TITLE or ONLY the DESCRIPTION, is this possible?
    Thanks a lot in advice
    Here is the link of the website, still working on.
    And where to send admin data?
  • Sorry, the website address has been changed a little bit:


    please let me know, thanks.
  • Hi, this is not possible to setup separately. You need to modify the module layout in the 44th line and remove what you don't need in the lightbox.

    The original line:
    $desc = $params->get('show_desc') ? 'title="'.(!empty($slide->title) ? htmlspecialchars($slide->title.' ') : '').(!empty($slide->description) ? htmlspecialchars(''.strip_tags($slide->description,"").'') : '').'"':'';

    Try to change it to:
    $desc = 'title="'.(!empty($slide->title) ? htmlspecialchars($slide->title.' ') : '').'"';

    Hope it's useful.

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