Watermarks from DJ Classifieds in Media Tools?

God morning everybody.

At first: Extreme fine extensions. Keep up the good work!

My Problem: I work with DJ Classifieds and Watermarks. Now i use Media Tools to view the Pictures but the Watermarks are only on the Table/Blog and Smart view accessible. In Items view there show only the images stored in Media Tools media folder without Watermark.

Is it possible to get the Watermarks in Items view or is it a bug in my installation?

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  • Hello,

    thumbnails for DJ-MediaTools album are created based on original images to make sure that watermarks are not cut in half for example. If you want to use images with watermarks as a base for DJ-MediaTools thumbnails instead please contact us via helpdesk and we will adjust the code for you.

    Alternatively you can disable "Store original images" option in the DJ-Classifieds configuration then thumbnails for NEW images will be generated based on image with watermark while there won't be the original image file (this option is not recommended)

  • Hello and thanks for your answer.

    Can you explain me why the alternative is not recommended?
    By the way... When a User delete or change any Picture in the "edit" of the ad, the changes are not visible in frontend. User must clear the cookies first and then display the changes. What can i do?

    Best wishes
  • Hi, it's not recommended, because when original images are not stored then it's impossible to recreate the thumbnails in case you want to change the images dimensions or put new watermark on all images, etc.

    Regarding your second question please note that it can be related with cache and there's nothing we can do in this matter. If you think it's not cache related issue then send us details using contact form.

  • Thank you, i don't want to change the watermark or dimensions in future, so i can delete original pictures.
    Regarding the cache issue i hope i will found a solution :smile: .

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