Backend map not showing

Joomla 3.6.5 DJ-Classified V.3.4.6
I have added the API and all the maps work on the front end.
The map in the backend when adding a item does not show - it is blank with no error showing.


  • we'd need to check it on your installation, please contact us via helpdesk.cheers
  • I have sent all details to Helpdesk, no response - Normally I a reply pretty fast.
  • Hello, I just checked and see that Piotr replied to your email regarding the Falang extension. Please refer to this one first. thanks!
  • Hi Tomasz
    I have not not received any feedback from Piotr, no email. This is regarding Falang.

  • Hi Tomasz

    The backend map, I have tried looking for a solution but with no luck.
    Any ideas on this
  • Hi, we'd need to check it, however, please first update to latest DJ-Classifieds (current version is 3.5). Piotr replied about your other ticket with Falang. Anyway, please first update to 3.5 and see if the issue is solved. This version brings new features and many improvements, so this should be the first step.
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