how display producer logo in "category" view


How I display producer logo in category view (when I see all products)? I think the producter's logo for each product, for example next to the product name.

thx for help


  • ok, I have a partical solution (not nice)

    file: com-djcatalog2/items/default_items.php (joomla overide)

    after string:

    paste this:

    imageproducer;?>-logo" alt="<?php echo $item->producer;?>-logo" src="/media/djcatalog2/images/<?php
    $articleId = JRequest::getInt('item_id');
    $db =& JFactory::getDBO();
    $sql = "SELECT fullpath FROM #__djc2_images WHERE type='producer' AND item_id = ".intval($item->producer_id);
    $fullpath = $db->loadResult();
    echo $fullpath; ?>" />
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