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on a website using Joomla 3.6.5 with PHP 5.6 I have an image slider that is assigned only to specific pages (Module->Menu Assignment -> Only the Pages selected). As long as other pages are included in any menu there is no slider on them. But I also have a couple of pages that are not included in the menu and can only be reached by internal links from other pages. On all of those pages the slider is displayed. How can I switch the slider off there?

Thanks for your help,



  • Hello Jörg,

    this is not the problem with our module or any other joomla module. This is a matter of menu assignment. I don't know what internal urls you mean, but probably those urls contains itemid of the menu items you have selected to display the slider module on.

    You should consider to create hidden menu items for such pages, so they will have its own itemid and you will be sure what modules can be displayed on those pages. Alternatively you can use some extended module manager extension which allows to assign the modules not only by menu item, but also by other criteria, e.g. Advanced Module Manager

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