Hidden Tabs


In our test scenario I have tabs installed on two different sites using the same template and on one site the tabs are invisible

I cannot manage to sort out where this is coming from style="visibility:hidden"

Uninstalled and reinstalled component. Copied sql from one database to the other etc so matching styles etc.

The problem is at the element level and not the stylesheet level.

Incidentally I do not understand why you are storing the themes in the database but you also have css files in


it would make life easier if you used the css files as cannot transfer themes from test to live.

Any help much appreciated


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    div id="mod219_djtabs" class="djtabs default-theme" style="visibility:hidden"

  • Hello,

    DJ-Tabs module/view's visibility is always set to hidden, and then shown by javascript after it fully loads. There seems to be a javascript error on the page with DJ-Tabs, causing it to remain hidden.

    Please contact us directly in this matter using helpdesk.
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