Slider height is much taller than image

I'm having trouble getting the height of the slider to work. This is my page -

I want full width slider, and that part is working, but the height is off. You can see the wheel appear for a second well below the image on page load.

I have full width slider set to Yes, width and height are blank.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • Hi,
    Please set the Height to the height of the images, do not leave it blank.
  • Thank you. After a few different tests, I set it to 68, and it looks good now. Can you explain why that worked? The slider is much taller than 68 pixels tall so that doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
  • Hello,

    DJ-ImageSlider provides the "Full width slider" option which make the slider stretch to the width of the parent container regardless the used slide width. However you have to set initial dimensions of the images to let the script recognize the slider width to height proportions. Script can't decide about this based on images width and height, because used images can have different dimensions. I hope it's clear, but ask if you have any concerns in this matter.

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