Hello. I bought the module "DJ-MegaMenu" and I encountered a problem of style change in CSS.
I wanted to modify a line (disable the fonts) and I found myself in the file "custom697.css"
Is this the right file?
Once the changes are applied, after some time, the old style sheet is applied automatically ...
I am obliged to return again "custom697.css"! How to apply changes permanently?
See here :


  • Hello,

    if you are using custom theme with color customiser the theme is generated each time you change the settings of the module or update the extension. You should override such styles in your template styles to not lose the changes. Most templates provide area in the settings to put some custom css code or has dedicated less/css file for that purpose.

    To change the menu font-family you can add something like this:

    body .dj-megamenu {
    font-family: inherit;

    "body" in the css selector makes it stronger than css selector in the menu theme css.

  • Sorry for this late response.
    Thank you so much for this solution that seems to work.
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