Mediatools module doesn't show under tab


I have dj-mediatools 2.61 and it works fine as a thumbnail slideshow but sometimes doesn't if it is under tabs.

For exemple i use the content plugin Pagebreak - MyJspace which seems to use the joomla regular tabs and i use the loadposition
under the first tab. It works great but only if this is the active tab when i load the page.

If i refresh the page under another tab, this tab is keeped at current and when i switch to the first tab which belongs to the mediatools module, it doesnt show.
It doesn't show but it is there with a lot of height and width to 0px, like if the javascript didn't understood the tab have
been opened and didn't update the height and with styles.

If i add a min-width:100% to the dj-slideshowThumbs-in class i can make the thumbnails appears, but for the image to show, i have to add a height value and this value have a ratio so finally i switched to the dj slider module and it works well. I miss the thumbnails but i like it.

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  • Hello,

    This behaviour occurs very often with slideshows and galleries scripts which are published inside hidden elements on page load. It can occur in a hidden tab, hidden submenu or any other hidden element on your website which is set to visible on some user action. We have fixed this behaviour for DJ-MediaTools, so it doesn't occur in the latest version, just update and it will work without any cheats and tricks ;)

  • Hello Szymon ,

    Thanks for your response

    Nice to hear that the Dj-mediatools have been fixed. I will update soon with dj-classifieds too. Not for now because i did a lot of changes to the dj-classifieds files and i will update when i feel i am ready and do it carefully.

    Best regards
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