Great component with huge potential

There are already several league components available which all have somewhat the same functionality. I think is on of the examples which is a little ahead of the rest. My suggestion would to be to take a different approach and not to imitate other league components.

So from my view the core of the component should facilitate:
1 Standings (obviously)
2 Matches making/management (also in frontend by user input)
3 Different types of tournaments (Round Robin/Knockout/Double Elimination)
4 Different types of leagues (Football league style, F1 style etc..)
5 Match summary including reporting/comments (combine including comments in the activity stream of JomSocial/CB etc.) Maybe even connect to Kunena?
6 Overview of upcoming matches, suggestion to make it flexible to connect to Calender option for JomSocial? This way you don't have to design the whole thing.

Above is already in other component so here goes some pioneering:

7 Create an overall scoring mechanism > Rankings!
Based on ELO or even better TRUESKILL rankings on the played matches (offcourse selected or marked as official Ranked match). This can be as a single 1on1 match or even used on top of tournaments and leagues. This option is not bound to a season or time period the tournament or league is running. This way you can get a skill score for every player or team.

8. DJ-League should not support a big profile page for players and teams. Let JomSocial/CB/Easysocial handle this. Just make us of their power to display teams and players. On the i.e. JomSocial profile page you can have a plugin which shows the latest results. The least we need on Joomla sites is multiple components for profiles!

9. Make use of some sort of plugin per sports. As different sports have different scoring. A Tennis match has a different scoring mechanisme then racing or even eSports! This (and #8) makes the component extremely agile.

10. As an extra feature (which is way beyond standard functionality) is to create a betting system, make us of exciting jomsocial/CB karma points or other major extension to be able to create some interaction between the match and the viewers.

I would suggest to focus on eSports as no other component facilitates this right now. This will give you and competitave advangtagte. You can always add


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    I agree with all points except 8. Many webmasters doesn't use social components. Players pages and match details are very important for sport component. But first of all you should do some changes for ranking and schedule.
    1. At small screens ranking columns like Won,Draw,Lost, SF, SA, SD should be hide.
    2. You need add form for last 5 matches - like here
    3. Schedule should be split for rounds. In the header we need rund number.
    4. Match date display on the left, also like here
    5. Round should be display in schedule list from first to last, or from last to first
    6. At backend I should can set: How to sort schedule list (f to l, or l to f ), disable/enable logo for team, disable/enable pagination with load more buton.

    You are create powerfull component. I'm football club webmaster almost ten years, I use many solution but yours is almost perfect. Clubs need simple solution, I'm waiting for new upgrade.

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