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I'm looking to "fix" in DJ-ImageSlider that the Image is not responsive to width but height.

I have for other images through css and jquery set to align center and be responsive to height - 55px. Now i would like to use DJ-ImageSlider as loading screen and of course my scripts and yours are interfering for DJ-ImageSlider resulting, that DJ-ImageSlider stay responsive to width and not height.

can you give me a hint, where to fix this, so DJ-ImageSlider becomes responsive to height instead?

I'm using Joomla 3.6.5. If it was only for me, I would script in a slideshow for the starting screen. But since it is for my client, i really would like to use your userfriendly joomla module.

Thank you very much.


  • Hello,

    I'm not sure what you want to achieve. RWD assumes fitting elements to window width, because you can scroll in height. Does your website is scrolled horizontally instead of vertically?

  • Hi,

    I want to use same slideshow for all devices. Smart/Tablet/PC whether it is with more height than width (or how would you call it, it does not matter how you held that device?).

    because i dont know what size the device will be or how large the browser window, i cannot use fixed sizes of images.

    The Image has to be full screen and if there is not enough space in width it will be centered so you only get a partial view of the pic.

    If i would do the responsive width approach for what I want, I would need that image has more height than widht and i only give a partial horizontally, which is for architectonical images not very useful, eg. displaying only a window of that building.

    maybe my thinking is complete wrong and you solve this problem differently.

    i used jquery for this for my single image. but since they want to use a slideshow and your dj-imageslider is real neat and easy to understand for my customer to admin when the site goes productive. ...ah well, your jquery onload/resize wins over my jquery instructions. :#
  • Hi, now I see what you mean. Unfortunately this is not possible to setup in our module, because it's design to always show the whole image or it's part depends on dimensions settings and used images' dimensions, so the visible area of the image has always the same proportion. At the same time it doesn't depends on window height at all.

    We can however implement such solution for your client based on DJ-ImageSlider (or better DJ-MediaTools), so if you are interested please contact us via helpdesk

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