Image Colour Changes for Album

I'm using the image line on our home page and our images include a graphic with a background colour that matches our logo. when create new album and upload the images for the slider mediatools creates a cache of the images in

and you append the dimensions to the file name eg 1170x400-toheight-90- ourfilename.jpg

The problem is when you compare our original uploaded image to the version you have created there is a small variation in colour which conflicts with the colour in our logo.

Please advise how to resolve this.


  • Hello Paul,

    DJ-MediaTools uses GD php extension for image processing, unfortunately it doesn't support embedded color profiles which are probably used in your images. You should convert your images colors to sRGB color space before uploading them to the server.

    Alternatively you can disable the image resizing in the component configuration (or just for some modules).
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