How to get ItemID from product page for SQL query?

I need registered users to be able to add/remove a product id in a new DB Table by clicking a button on or off on the product detail page.

I have a relationship table already built, so I just need to be able to pass the current user id {USER_ID} and the product ID to the new table. How can I get the item ID from the product detail page for use in my SQL query?

I'd also like to be able to show these items that have been associated with the user, listed on their user profile page, is there a way to use the DJ-Catalog item module to display only these items?


  • Hi Joel,

    Then names of the files seem to be correct. Keep in mind that DJ-Catalog2 uses thumbnails, so if the original file is named "example.png" then its thumbs will be for example:

    - large: example_l.png
    - medium: example_m.png

    However, if you are importing products then thumbnails will not be created during this process and you need to use Images Manager in order to generate thumbnails. Se the last two images in following article:
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