there needs to be a bye option and how the score relates to that bye, currently it is a Tie, 1 point each.

Games > Bye - (team has a Bye) Winner options are Tie, Home Team, Aware Team. need to include Bye
Ponits for Win, Lose, Tie + Bye


  • Score Tables > + SP, Score Percentage (various leagues sort by SP and not SD, needs to be sorting options)
  • Hello,

    let me understand you well. Does the "Bye" mean that one team won't play the game? In other words is it walkover? If you mean the knockout match where there is no second team then you need to note that the knockout system is not implemented yet :)

    Can you give us more explanation about SP sorting option? Which sports use it and how it's calculated in most cases?

    Thank you for your input. Cheers.
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