Why DJ-Catalog2 popup does not work with Helix 3 Joomshaper temltate?

DJ-Catalog2 popup does not work with Helix 3 template by Joomshaper. Precisely, after click on "Add to quote" we don't see popup window. Only gray screen. Why is this? Is there conflict bootstrap version?

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    I found this:
    in /helix3/templates/shaper_helix3/css/bootstrap.min.css there are: .hide {display:none !important}. If commented this, then the pop-up window works.


  • Hi,

    If your template uses it's own version of Bootstrap or the styles are not fully compatible with Bootstrap, then you might experience similar issues.
    If you need our help, please contact us via help-desk and provide the link to your website.
  • I am having the same issue. I have absolutely no idea how to fix this and I am fairly new to joomla. I am using Helix 3 and previously they were working well together.
  • Hi, Please contact us via helpdesk so we can check it on your site and find the solution.
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