Display module inside menu item [SOLVED]

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[SOLVED] I already found the solution, needed to change module visibilty to all sites.

Hey guys,

im trying to display a module inside a menu item but it doesnt work out for me.

I've already read the FAQ about it ( https://dj-extensions.com/faq/dj-megamenu-faq/how-to-display-module-inside-the-menu-column ) .

My Menu structure looks like this:

Item // Full width Submenu
- Item 1
- Item 2
- Module Item // Start new column (100%), Module Position (menu-modul), Module Style (html5)

My Modul is a "Custom Html Module" and looks like this:

Published - Check
Modul Position - "menu-modul"
Module Style - "html5"


< img src=" http://placehold.it/250x100 " / >
< img src=" http://placehold.it/250x100 " / >

No matter what im trying the modul wont appear in the menu item.

What have i done wrong? Is there a limitation for module types that you can display in a menu item? Any suggestions?


  • Hello,

    Good to hear that you found the solution.

    Module settings of menu assignment is respected in DJ-MegaMenu normally as in all other module positions.
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