Rename Fax Field

Hello, I would like to add social url ie facebook to location info instead of fax which no one uses any more. Is there any way to rename the fax field label to Social ?


  • Hi,

    It's possible to rename the field using Language Overrides:

    The constants you are looking for would be:
  • Thanks Olo, That works but unfortunately it does not display as a link just plain text and it looks like it truncates the text. Anyway round that ?
  • Hi,

    You mean that the value of attribute is plain text? That's correct - neither Joomla! nor the component exchange URLs to clickable anchor links. To do that you would have to edit layout files and convert value by yourself:

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    Yes to make the fax field behave like the www field. I will edit files unless there is a better way to provide links to social media pages such as facebook.
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    I can get this working in the table but not the items form ? I have edited /default_items.php and default_map.php as follows

    if (($this->params->get('location_fax_item', 1) == '1') && $item->fax) {
    $fax = (strpos($item->fax, 'http') === 0) ? $item->fax : 'http://'.$item->fax;
    $fax = preg_replace('#([\w]+://)([^\s()<>]+)#iS', '$2', htmlspecialchars($item->fax));
    $contact[] = JText::_('COM_DJCATALOG2_UP_FAX').': '.$item->fax.'';

  • Fixed it was error in default_map.php as follows
  • Is the fax field truncating the number of chars ? Anyway round this ?
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    If I change the fax field to varcahr 255 in database will this cause a problem when I update component I dont want to lose data ?
  • Hi,

    It's hard to predict what will happen in future, but currently we are not planning to change definition of this column in any update.
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