new items do not appear in search or clicking on category links or anywhere else on frontend

when creating a new item, it does not appear. Configuration is set to automatically post and it ran fine before. old items show just fine. I have moved cache to progressive, from off and back, disabled, deleted, or recreated items. I did recently upgrade the djclassifieds with current subscription as well as update to latest joomla but this issue could have easily predated those upgrades. Old items are still there; I can disable them and re-enable them and they work. I reoptimized the database with securitycenterpro, 'fixed' the database from joomla. Any thoughts?


  • If I add an item and publish, then unpublish I get the email that item has changed. I click the link and do not see the item ' 'this item cannot be found' which works. when I go on backend and re-publish, I get the email about the status of the ad changing. I click on that link and get the red error: 'you are not authorized to view this cateory' when logged on to frontend as a registered user with no superuser permissions. This catetory or any other has no permissions. Guests as well as registered can view all categories.
  • I disabled some components, unpublished and republished the test item. When I clicked on the email link advising that the item was again published, I got a mysql 1064 error, although the site as a whole as well as djclassifieds still runs.

  • 1064
    You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ') AND img.type='item' ORDER BY img.item_id, img.ordering' at line 1

  • even after disabling all likely culprit components - still the same error.
  • Hello

    Does creation and expiration date is correct ? Because if those dates are wring then advert won't be shown even if it's published, also does category where it's assigned is published ?
    If every of those elements are correct please contact us on help desk we will check and resolve this issue.

    Best Regards,
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