Good evening,
In the breadcrumb I have either the category when I am on a category page:
"You are here: Home> Our Products"
Either the product name when I am on a product page:
"You are here: Home Buddleja davidii FLUTTERBY ™ PINK"
I would like to have both the name of the category and the name of the product:
"You are here: Home> Our Products> Buddleja davidii FLUTTERBY ™ PINK"
Despite many I have not found how to do it!
If you can point me
thanks in advance


  • Hi,

    do you use any 3rd party URLs management extensions? Like Artio JoomSEF or SH404Sef? Or maybe you assigned Single Product pages as separate menu items? In both cases it is possible that product breadcrumbs don't contain category information. Otherwise they should contain full category path - just like on following Demo pages:

    *) Breadcrumbs are at the bottom.
  • Hello,
    No URL rewriting system
    There were actually diretcs links to products, I deleted them
    However, if the Joomla cache is enabled, the breadcrumbs has this appearance:
    You are here: Home> Our Products
    When the cache is disabled, the breadcrumbs is complete:
    You are here: Home> Our Products> Buddleja davidii 'Sophie'
    I do not understand why
  • Hi,

    have you tried turning off cache for breadcrumbs module? I don't mean globally but only just for the module.
    Our component adds necessary product and category links to the path way, but it is not responsible for displaying them, so you need to check breadcrumbs module.
  • Hello,
    Indeed, I have disabled the caching of the breadcrumbs module and the problem is resolved
    Thank you again for your help
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