promotion duration price not working

I am using monster-template jm-classifiedad and dj-classified 3.6.3
I have 2 promotion duration for Promotion - ''First''
but when I select one of them in the front-end for an ad and I want to pay the price it wont work.
the problem is that in checkout page it shows the right amount of price for that duration but after submitting to payment it pass the amount of Promotion - ''First'' price "1.00" to the payment server.
I searched the entire forum and had a lot of search but no luck.


  • as you can see in the attachment it passes these prices to payment server
  • Hello

    Did you made also update of template? Because I assume that you have overwritten adding advert view and where old promotions system is implemented.

    Best Regards,
  • I am using monster-template jommads and dj-classified 3.6.8
    I have the same problem, but only when I use the payment server "MercadoPago". The sum of the values appears correctly in the frontend, but when the values are sent to the server, $ 1.00 is added for each promotion. When I use Paypal, the same problem does not happen.
  • Hello,

    Please contact us on helpdesk, regarding problems with "MercadoPago" payment plugin.

  • I contacted the help desk, but I received only half the solution. :/
  • Hi, Alexandre, in this case, please write back your doubts about the solution you got, and we will get back to you with a more precise answer. Please note that due to vacation season we are working slightly slower than usual. Thank you for understanding,
  • Hello Mr. Tomasz. When did the vacation end? I need to troubleshoot my site until 12/08. Technical support is not efficient. I'm considering switching to another component
  • Hi Alexandre, from what I see all tickets from you are closed and replied.
    The latest one was answered by Piotr August 07, 2017 15:13 ,
    Maybe we are missing something? Let me know so we can solve it.
    The last ticket answered by Piotr, explained your question about the terms of use + asked for the credentials to your website - but since then no answer from you - maybe you did not get his answer?
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