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Can somebody please clarify. We have registered all the extensions djcatalog djmega-menu and media with our public domain ie However for testing I have a staging server setup as When I try to load the staging server website it is very slow and it looks like the DJ extensions do not work. Is this the case ? If so I think this is very bad practice. Can somebody please confirm.


  • Hi, there is no such practice for sure, and no matter where you install the extensions they should work the same way.
    So I guess there must be something different that is causing the issues. If you cannot resolve the issue please contact us via or the support widget you will find at and we'll solve the issue you are experiencing.
  • Thanks Tomasz, I will check its very odd the www2 site loads without mediatools and megamenu loading and its a straightforward akeeba restore of the original on the same version of plesk. Will investigate further
  • Indeed, it is really uncommon to behave like this, please let me know if you'll have any findings. If you would like us to take a look at it, just contact us as mentioned earlier so we can see what's up.
    Cheers and have a great Weekend
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