Copies of "grid layout" so I can style them individually?

I am using DJ Media Tools (grid layout) to show adds from DJ Classifieds on my FrontPage from "promoted SPECIAL"

Now I would like to use the same for showing adds from different types of adds and promotions, for instance "newest adds", "Top promoted", "random adds" etc

But I would like to be able to style them differently so that I can use different length of the title, background color at description, different text color for title and description ........

Is it possible to create several "copies/versions of grid layout" with each it's own styling from CSS?

I tried just copying the grid layout to new folder with i.e. name "newgrid" - but when I use it, all galleries from DJ Media Tools are not loaded - it just show a kind of "loading icon" where the galleries should show the images, titles and descriptions



  • Copying of existing layout is not a simple copy file action, there are more than just module layout file which have to be implemented. However I think you can adjust your different modules with only css overrides. You can use the module css suffix and styles each of them differently. You can also use clause "!important" at the end of css attributes if needed.

    In case you need to create new special album layout we can offer paid service in this matter, just contact us via our helpdesk and provide your requirements.

    ------ team
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