Read More Not Working

Hi; I have mostly gotten the ImageSlider working, but can't get the Read More working at all, or the description working the way I imagine it should be working. I tried it originally on a plain vanilla Joomla 3.7.2 site with php 7 , then tried on a joomlart teline4 template with php5.6 ...and both did the same thing.

I can't get Read More to work for either...I could certainly be doing it wrong, but I have tried every combination (on both sites) that I can think of including putting the Read More code in the Component's Slide Description after I couldn't get it to work in the Module. The "Link Description" doesn't seem to work for me either.

What I think should happen is that, when 75 characters is put in the Module, for example, that on the small display the ±75 characters will show up, and on the large pop up a larger picture and full text will appear. What happens is that the 75 characters appear on the small picture, and that is all I get when the pop up takes it to a larger picture. Or, if I don't cut it off at 75, the full text overwhelms the small picture and shows up below the picture on the pop up (which is what I want) – but the font size is very small.

I thank you for this wonderful tool. I hope there is an easy and elegant solution.


  • Hello,

    please make sure you have setup the url in the slide options otherwise the read more button won't be displayed, because module have nothing to link this slide to.

    Regarding description behaviour this is how it works in DJ-ImageSlider. We provide another commercial extension DJ-MediaTools which can display the large image with full description, comments (facebook, disqus, jcomments) or any 3rd party module. Maybe this is what suits your needs.

    --- team
  • As an example you can see the demo page

    This is different actually gallery grid layout, but you can setup it in the same way with slider layout.
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