Include location on Slide title

I'm using DJ Classifieds and DJ MediaTools to display a selected set of items via a slide on my homepage.
DJ classifieds is use on the site to catalogue various hotels etc. The slider on the homepage displays a featured number of these. I have title set to display, but what want to add is the location of the hotel as well. This is part of the item data but is not being loaded by the slider.

I have found the module code but cannot see where to add the call to get the address data for the item.

Can anyone help?



  • Hello Lee,

    You need to enable showing of the region in the album settings. In case you have any problems with setting this up please contact us via helpdesk.

    Szymon Team
  • szym,
    Thanks for the reply. I cannot see in the album or global settings the region option. I'm using DJ Media Tools version 2.6.1. Is this feature in a newer version?
  • No, this feature was available also in your version. This is not a global component parameter. You have to open specific album and find the "show region" option under the album source option in the grey area.

  • Szym
    Ah thank you, I did not look in the album settings!

    Thanks for the advice.

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