Wedding Venues

Using a customised DJ Classifieds extension to display wedding venues across the UK:



  • hey, this site looks great!
    Can you tell something more about the customizations you did to DJ-Classifieds?
  • Hello, your site looks cool, congratulations. How did you solve the regions horizontally?
  • Thanks for the comments. There is quite a lot of customisation, some carried out by DJ Extensions to sort the results order into three distinct 'sections' within the search results. There are three tiers of listings that a venue can purchase and then via the backend a checkbox can be selected to ensure the venue appears at the top middle or bottom section of the search results.

    Other customisations include the modifications to the template to integrate Regular Labs tabs into the template which then displays all the item content across different tabs.

    Social media feeds are dynamically added via a field in the item backend and then dynamically rendered via a custom template, that checks if the social link is available and then loads the relevant JS etc. if no value is present then the template is not loaded and the additional JS loading is not required.

    A lot of the other visual display modifications were all done by modifying the DJ Classifieds view templates adding additional code and CSS formatting to achieve the required style. it was quite a labour of love with some trial and error to achieve the required result!

    I'm not sure what you mean by regions horizontally, can you expand? include a link?
  • Hello latempest, as with your side the regions I wanted to have it also. I get however the regions "ALL" only under each other displayed.
    I can adjust the layout horizontally or vertically, it leaves without function.

    To see on
    I wanted to have the regions above the category ad in the middle of the layout, as on your "Select a region"
  • Hello, to show the difference, I have inserted two images,
    Picture 1 shows my version unfortunately only vertically adjustable.

    Picture 2 Like your regions ad I wanted to have, but can not be adjusted.

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