How to get the name, id and email from the Ad-owner from Komento plugin

how can i get the data from the item owner from the ad? I will place it in the comments from Komento.
I must write it from Komento and place it in the view of Komento.
Needed: name, id, email?



  • Hello

    If you are in advert view details they you have object $this->item where you have

    if guest was adding advert then email will be in

    also there is object $this->profile where you have user avatar and custom fields details.

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  • Hey Lukasz,
    thank you for your answer. This not worked for me when i place it in the komento item.php.

    What i have in komento item.php:
    echo $this->my->name; (name of the logged in user)
    echo $comment->getAuthorName(); (name of the comment author)
    echo $this->item->username; (nothing is displayed?)

    Thanks a lot!
  • Hello

    Please give me path to file where you want to add those changes.

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  • Hello
    the path: \components\com_komento\themes\wireframe\comments\item.php

  • I've stored it in session for now. But it's a dirty way i think :neutral:
  • Hello

    >>the path: \components\com_komento\themes\wireframe\comments\item.php
    I assumed that you are doing it in DJ-Classifieds advert view but if you are doing it directly in Komento then only way is to basing on advert id take those elements from database.
    Please contact us on help desk and give admin and ftp credentials we will try to implement this .

    Best Regards,
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