Time in the database

The time of the game is saved to the base in a different time zone. How to make the time that I put in the panel, was it the same in the database? The database is robbed from the database into the application, there is a time mismatch.


  • Goto /administrator/components/com_djleague/views/games/tmpl/default.php
    and find around line 151 the following
    <?php echo JFactory::getDate($item->date)->format('d/m/Y h:i'); ?>
    and change it to
    <?php echo JFactory::getDate($item->date)->modify('+3 hours')->format('d/m/Y h:i a'); ?>
    Please note that I needed to add 3 hours to the displayed time, so I putted '+3 hours' to modify.
    You can use any other number according to your desired time.
    Don't forget to "SAVE"
  • Hello,

    it works correctly, the event date and time is saved in the database in the UTC+0 time (Greenwich), so you can move your website to different server, change the timezone in your joomla configuration or even users can change their individual timezone and the date and time will be correct. In the joomla configuration you set the system timezone and all the dates are displayed respecting this timezone.

    If you take some dates directly from the database to external application you need to adjust the time to the timezone used in this application.

    If you ment that time of the game doesn't display in joomla timezone in the back-end games list then (as akisbar said) you need to modify the line 151 in the file /administrator/components/com_djleague/views/games/tmpl/default.php
    but change it to:
    <?php echo JHtml::date($item->date, 'Y-m-d H:i')?>
    then game date will be displayed respecting joomla timezone.
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