Cannot Edit or Create Slides In Admin, no CSS??

When I go to edit a slide or even create a new one in the back end it does not work. There seems to be no CSS present so is just a white page with black text and black line boxes? Any ideas?? Using latest version 3.2.1, Joomla 3.0.3. Did not upgrade to later version as it kept crashing the site..


  • Hello,
    for 99% issues are because of the outdated Joomla installation.
    1. you can try using this version
    2. we also provide custom works services. If you would be interested in getting the quote for updating your Joomla to latest version, let me know and I will tell you how to proceed.

  • Hi Tomasz,

    You are in fact 100% correct. I did a test update on a staging domain and it works fine. Just need to fix the broken drop down menus now when you're on the contact page!

    Thanks for your help
  • Glad I could help you!
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