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Hello again,

So I would like to do the following for my frontend form to add a product:

Published (auto set to 'no' and not visible on form)
Acccess (auto set to 'public' and not visible on form)
Product Types - auto selects multiple filed groups and not shown on form

Is the above possilble?

The other option is to have title fields to bring the fields up - is that possible?



  • Hi,

    Published and Access attributes are available for only those users who have granted "Edit state" or "Edit own state" permissions. Otherwise those fields are hidden and to their default values which can be configured in Front-end edit tab.

    Product types - it's not possible to set any default values. You can either enable or disable Product Type attribute using "Field group" setting in front-end edit tab.

    As for the title fields - I'm sorry, but I don't understand that. Could you explain?
  • Hello

    I have attached an image to explain what I am looking at. So on the form it has the fields published and access - I do not want these to show. I want the vales to be published - yes and access to be public. Then comes categories - I would like it to auto choose one of the categories and I want it to only show players in product type and hide the rest. Is this possible?
  • Hi,

    I've already explained how to hide published and access fields.
    As for choosing default product type and hiding it, that's not possible. Sorry.
  • Hello,

    Yes, sorry about the access field etc - I was logging in as Super Administrator thats why those kept showing - when I logged in as registered level they disappeared. Ok as for the product type - I understand - can you at least tell me what file the drop down is generated in - I will look at it...

    Many thanks again
  • Hi,

    The file is /administrator/components/com_djcatalog2/models/fields/djfieldgroup.php
    Also, you might need to modify JS script: /components/com_djcatalog2/views/itemform/itemform.js
  • ok great - I will have a look at it :)
  • Hello,

    So I now have an idea but to save time does any of your team custom code such requests?

  • Hi, sure, please contact us via and we can discuss the details.
  • Ok I have done that - waiting for the reply now. thank you once again
  • Thanks, we have got it and will reply soon.
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