Fade type does not fit to image

Thank you for the nice slider

When i choose "Fade slider type" and Show title + Show description + Show read more = No.
Then it still add space the the title, description and read more boxes. So it does not just show the image but adds a lot of empty space below the image.


  • Hello,

    DJ-ImageSlider doesn't add any extra space under the image even if you enable description. You have probably set the wrong image size in the module settings. You need to set them as close as possible to the dimensions of the images you are using in the slider. If you enable the full width slider option then you also have to set the correct dimensions to let the script know proportions of the images used in the slider.

    If you want to simplify this you can consider to use DJ-MediaTools and its modern slider layout which is much more adaptive and responsive.

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