Search By City Not working

I have a link to list of items products table view with a category defined. Search filter is enabled however if I search by city it does not work. Same for postcode. I have tried changing settings for combine location fields but does not make any difference. How do I add fileds to search


  • Hi,

    There is a separate search filed that is meant for location only and it's called "Location". You can see how it works here:

    In order to enable it you need to open Product List settings and turn on "Location search" parameter. Also, please note that location search uses geo location API, so only those products with coordinates (latitude, longitude) can be displayed as search results.
  • Yes I need as per demo but I do not have option in menu - product list for location search. Also component options product list cannot see location search.
    Where do I find setting ?
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    In your demo hotels page is that the search module or just menu link filter options ? I do not have options for advanced search either
  • 1. Search by location has been added in ver. 3.5.7, so maybe you are using older version:
    Anyway, here's the setting you should enable:

    2. As for advanced search, it's a filters module published in specially designed module position:
  • Thanks, I have just renewed subscription and updated. How do I update the coordinates (latitude, longitude) data for products ? In tips is says "leave empty to generate" ? I have 10K products. There is geocode button but will take a long time to go throuhg 10k products
  • Well, the only option is to use geocode button, so that coordinates for every product could be generated based on item address fields (city, street, country). But before you start please generate Google Maps API key and insert it into component configuration, because with as many products you will definitely exceed Google's limits:
  • Thanks Olo all working. Is there any way to change the default 25 KM radius option to say 5km
  • For some reason my google maps have stopped working. No maps are displayed on the single product page. I have a key in the component config. Cant remember where this came from ?
  • My search by location is not working is this I have the lat and long values in the items table. Is this something to do with google maps api key ?
  • I have checked and I have correct api key. For a product I get a link "show google maps" not the map in the page.
    Location search not working
  • Default radius as well as possible radiuses (1,2,5,10,25,50,100,500,1000) cannot be changed.
    As for the problems with maps display, API key is mandatory. If you are sure that API key is correct, properly linked to your domain and the maps still don't show up then please reach us via help-desk and provide link as well as super admin credentials to your website.
  • Thanks olo,
    My major issue is the location search I always get all records for any postcode search. I load teh compone tvia a menu link with predefined category. I have location search enabled. Any search town or postcode returns all records for the category. I do have records where lat and long is zero but most records in items table have correct values. Are zero lat long included included search results?

    I got the map api key I got from
    It was working see post above. I have checked and key is correct and entered in the map settings of component options. The link to google maps works but no map displayed
  • I cannot help you with this issue here. I need to inspect your website.
  • Olo please see this link
    search town = romford or postcode RM14 3QA same result or town = glasgow
  • The issue is an error wit the api see screenshot

    also google console

    Any idea why error ?

  • Ok enabled maps javascript api seems like this is required not the geocoding and also if you set width 100% leave height blank.
    So maps ok but location search not working
  • If I use the geocode button in google backend then I get error
    Record ID 16159 - coordinates not found or Google API's limit has been exceeded
    and this is laos in the geocode api console
    The limit is ok long and lat are correct anyway as map works.
  • Olo can you clarify you are using the long and lat values for location search and that zero values for products are excluded from search ?
  • Hi,

    1. If longitude or latitude is 0.0000 then a product is ignored during location search.

    2. Google Maps API keys are usually the same for server-side actions (SEVER - for processing coordinates) and client side (BROWSER - for displaying maps), but they need to be assigned to "Google Maps JavaScript API" as well as "Google Maps Geocoding API". Otherwise following mechanisms might not work: geo-coding in the back-end, geo-coding in the front-end (during search) or displaying maps will not work.

    3. I checked your website and I searching by location doesn't work properly, but the maps are displayed, so either API keys are not connected to Geocoding API or there is something wrong with the component that I'm not aware of. However, I have just tested version 3.5.8 which you are using and searching by location works properly as well as displaying maps.
  • Hello Olo, Thanks for checking site. The api key is connected to both geocoding and javascript see image. If I press the geocode button in backend an error is created in the google console. I have the api key in both server and browser fields. I will carry on checking see if I can get to bottom of problem and let you know.

  • Thanks and good luck!
  • Hello Olo, I still do not have search by city working. I have updated to latest version 3.7.2. If you try this link.
    search town = romford or postcode RM14 3QA same result or town = glasgow

    The geocoding API is correct. In your control panel if I use the geocode button I get the error.

    coordinates not found or Google API's limit has been exceeded

    It's not a question of usage limits please see the screenshot

    The geocoding error shows up in the Google control panel so the API key must be correct. The JavaScript API does not display any errors.

    Any idea on how to resolve this problem ?

  • Hi Paul,

    It's hard to tell without debugging your website, so please respond to you helpdesk ticket and provide access (Super Admin and FTP).

    I checked both "romford" as well as "RM14 3QA" poscode and in both cases the retuned coordinates were correct (lat/lng: 51.542254500000000/lon: 0.288948400000000). What's more the search facility in the front-end worked properly. Given that I suppose:
    - that there is still something wrong with your API key configuration (maybe your domain isn't white listed)
    - or your server is blocking outgoing CURL requests, which would explain the fact that JS API works fine and server API doesn't.

  • Hello Olo,

    I am still having issues with city search in version 3.7.3.rc.1

    If you search location = abingdon no results where abingdon is the city
    If you search location = oxford results are correct but in our case oxford is the country
    If you search location = OX14 1BY results are correct.

    There are no api errors in google dashboard so I am sure that is all and geocode works fine. See attached location details.

    It seems like the city field is being ignored in location search.

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    What is really odd is that if you search location = didcot it works

    Didcot is very near abingdon. However city field not equal to didcot so it works my guess by post code look up.

    So it seems the problem is caused when you search for city and the city is present in the address. Another example is Wallingford no results found.

  • hey @toomanylogins , you will need to wait few days for the answer as the developer is on a short break. He'll update the thread here once back. thanks for your patience,
  • Hi,

    I cannot help you with this without having access to your site (Super administrator), your server files (FTP) and step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the problem and what results should be expected, so please use our help-desk system in you want to have this issue resolved.

    I can still see JS errors on single product page (which are impossible to be seen on listing page, by the way - because listing page doesn't use Google Maps), so I suppose there is still something wrong with your API keys:

    Perhaps you should generate new key are try using it instead.
  • I am using miles as the radius perhaps that is issue. No erros on my maps api console.
    I have forgotten how to reset to km ? Cant find it anywhere in menu or default config. Searched the documentation too.
  • Hi,

    Thanks for reporting the issue with duplicated IDs. I have already fixed this in upcoming update, although this cannot have any impact on your search problems.

    Regarding miles vs. kilometers - I see no significant difference.
    As you wrote, searching by post code gives reasonable results. Same as when I type "Abingdon, Oxford", "Abingdon, UK" or even "Abingdon, Europe" :-)
    The only problem is with "abingdon" phrase... Perhaps Google returns multiple different locations for this phrase and the first result (the one which are using assuming it's best match) turns out to be some other "abingdon".

    I can check that, so please reach me via help-desk and send me both: Super Admin login details and FTP access. I cannot tell you what's wrong without debugging the script and seeing what raw results Google Maps API returns.
  • Hello Olo, This problem is still occurring. I have sent superuser details via email. Can you please have a look. This is with the custom version with javascript on the location search.
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