Search By City Not working

I have a link to list of items products table view with a category defined. Search filter is enabled however if I search by city it does not work. Same for postcode. I have tried changing settings for combine location fields but does not make any difference. How do I add fileds to search


  • Hi,

    There is a separate search filed that is meant for location only and it's called "Location". You can see how it works here:

    In order to enable it you need to open Product List settings and turn on "Location search" parameter. Also, please note that location search uses geo location API, so only those products with coordinates (latitude, longitude) can be displayed as search results.
  • Yes I need as per demo but I do not have option in menu - product list for location search. Also component options product list cannot see location search.
    Where do I find setting ?
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    In your demo hotels page is that the search module or just menu link filter options ? I do not have options for advanced search either
  • 1. Search by location has been added in ver. 3.5.7, so maybe you are using older version:
    Anyway, here's the setting you should enable:

    2. As for advanced search, it's a filters module published in specially designed module position:
  • Thanks, I have just renewed subscription and updated. How do I update the coordinates (latitude, longitude) data for products ? In tips is says "leave empty to generate" ? I have 10K products. There is geocode button but will take a long time to go throuhg 10k products
  • Well, the only option is to use geocode button, so that coordinates for every product could be generated based on item address fields (city, street, country). But before you start please generate Google Maps API key and insert it into component configuration, because with as many products you will definitely exceed Google's limits:
  • Thanks Olo all working. Is there any way to change the default 25 KM radius option to say 5km
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