New Album Custom Item - 2.2.1 vs 2.9.5 - No X for delete

Joomla 3.7.4
DJ MediaTools 2.9.5

I just started using 2.9.5 on a new site. I went to create an album with drag and drop custom items and a couple things feel off/broken compared to 2.2.1.

This is a picture of an album created with 2.2.1. After drag and dropping pictures this is what is seen before or after saves.

It has delete button on mouse over as it should and small thumb nails.

I just started messing with 2.9.5 and attempted to create a new album with drag and drop custom items. The first thing I noticed is after drag and drop my preview images seem to be default size. Really LONG image even at 50% as this is how it is for me before saving.

Only after I save the album do I get smaller thumbnails. There is however no X for delete on mouseover. Also the are arranged differently than 2.2.1. I assume if intended it is so you can more easily edit information for each picture.

No I have not went through all the settings on 2.9.5 to see if there are options to change or not for this. Is this how it suppose to operate now or is my installation just not working as intended?

I did send a support email, but figured I would post here as well. Perhaps other users can help.


  • Hello,

    thank you for reporting this issue. I have sent you the fix in response to your support request. We will release update with fixed image managing layout as soon as possible.

    Szymon Team
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    EDIT: Nevermind I cleared my cache and I am good in Firefox too.
    I updated to 2.9.6 official and it is now broken only in Firefox 55.02. Chrome and Edge work like the beta did in Firefox.

    Trying to go back to the beta did not fix it. Disabling all Firefox Extensions did not fix it either.
  • Yes, you need always remember to clear the browser cache after any update.
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