DJ ImageSlider stopped to work

Not sure what caused DJ ImageSlider stop to work, but recently I updated Joomla (3.4.n -> 3.7.5) and DJ ImageSlider (-> the most recent version). A situation after the update is such that all slides overlap, a desired height of a slider module is not kept and a position of other dependent objects (e.g. navigation buttons) is incorrect - for reference please see attached the screenshot 'DJ ImageSlider doesn't work.jpg' (above is a situation before the update, below is a situation after the update). I also found a lot of differences in a header section of a source code for page containing a corresponding DJ ImageSlider module - for reference please see attached the screenshot DJ ImageSlider doesn't work - source code.jpg'.

Could you please suggest where I should start with a remedy? I do not have any idea what could cause the issue - DJ ImageSlider settings, a corresponding module settings, CSS? I do not change anything except of Joomla and DJ ImageSlider update. In addition before holidays I did very similar actions - Joomla (3.4.n -> 3.6.5) and DJ ImageSlider (-> 3.1.1) on TEST instance of our site and DJ ImageSlider works there (please see


  • Hi, I have checked your website and all seems to look ok see:
    have you manage to fix it or you still see the issue? (if so, please check in incognito mode, or hard refresh the site, maybe it is browser caching issue?)
  • Hello Tomasz, is just TEST instance of our site and here DJ ImageSlider works. The issue exists on PROD instance at It is possible to observe the issue for just one slider module within a microsite at For main site and the rest of microsites I enabled just one slide to have pages working for parents shortly before school year start at the most convenient way.
  • Hi,
    Looks like you have managed to solve it? The sliders looks good now, is it all ok?
  • Yes, the issue is fixed now. It was really pain for me to find where a root cause of problems lied, but I found it in the end. I had to delete default.php within our mod_djimageslider template directory and create a new djimageslider.css file - located in our css template directory. A real mystery remains in my mind why the issue didn't occur on our TEST site where I carried out very similar update for DJ-ImageSlider (TEST site 2.2.1 -> 3.1.1, PROD site 2.2.1 -> 3.2.3).
  • Hello,

    probably on your test website there was no module layout override in the template. Those two versions of modules have a lot of differences in the module layout and new version is not compatible with old module layout which was placed as an override in the template on your production website. We describe it in the following article:
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