Placed DJ-Classifieds into article

I placed single ads into article, but all ads information is not visible like contact, Added, created by...

Please give an advice!

Best regards,


  • Hi ,I'm not sure what you did?
    How did you put the ad into article?
  • Hi,
    Yes, I put the ad into article!
  • Ok, but how did you do it, I would need to get more info about this, I suppose you did it with some custom code?
  • Hi,
    1- I created a module as ''DJ Classifieds Items module'' with all parameters.
    2- I embedded the module ''{loadposition my-position}'' into article.

    Best regards,
  • Hello

    Not all detailed adverts information are displayed in items module . There are basic information that presents advert and links to advert details.
    Please tell me what the purpose of inserting full advert view into article , maybe I would be able to suggest you other solution.

    Best Regards,
  • Hi,
    Thanks for your support! the purpose of inserting full advert view into article partly for seo optimization, and part for i need to collect it with other information in the same article.

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