Tabber not showing well on mobiles

I have DJMedia Tools 2.0.4 and I am using the tabber with content source set to Joomla Category articles. It works perfectly on large screens but on mobiles it collapses to a small boxed area.

I tested the DJMedia Tools official Tabber demo page ( on mobiles and also on desktop browser using the mobile layout in developer tools of the browser. There are a total of 5 tabber instances on this page.

In both cases, the first two tabber instances behave in a fully responsive manner, but the next 3 collapse to a small boxed area exactly as I am experiencing on my own setup.

Going by the fact that the official demo page itself has 2 demo instances behaving correctly and 3 misbehaving, I feel it must be some settings that make the difference.

However all possible permutations and combinations that I tried were of no help.

Can someone please help and point me in the right direction.

Thanks to all for your help.


  • Hello,

    it depends on on width of the tab. When screen width is less or equal the doubled tab width then the tabber layout changes and tabs goes under the slideshow. Anyway you are using old version which doesn't support this feature. You need to update the DJ-MediaTools to make it available.
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