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I'm using DJ-League joomla extension and it's a very good starting point.
I've a little requests for you:
1. Showing "Games Schedule View" (grouped by rounds) on front-end, I'd like to view configured rounds before unknown game date ones
2. "Games schedule view" grouped by rounds should show only 1 round for each page (in this case pagination functionality meets rounds browsing)
3. Score Table Module. It could be fantastic view short score table list centered on a configured team.


  • Hello,

    thank you for your suggestions.

    I will try to give you some clues how you can setup it without code changes.

    1. The games are ordered by round, so if round is not set then it is equal 0. You can just set the round without game dates, so you will get the order you want to.

    2. I know that the number of games are not always equal for all rounds, but in case they are equal in your league you can just go to the component settings and set pagination limit to the number of games in round.

    3. It's quite good idea, I will put it on the todo list.

    Here is the proper place to add your ideas:

    Alternatively we can implement what you need as a custom work. Just contact us via helpdesk if you are interested in our service.

    --- Team
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