Module title DJ-MEGAMENU is menu-item and other items are vertical?


I'm testing DJ-MegaMenu but in the menu bar I see DJ-megaMenu and the actual menu items are vertically below that (like Home, About us etc.). Why isn't the menu shown horizontally in the menu bar, without DJ-MegaMenu in it? It must be something simple, I can't imagine that you want it to show this way?

In the module the title DJ-MegaMenu is set to Hidden.



  • I have the same question. I want the menu to function the same way the demo does. Right now, when you click on the second or third item, it drops below the first item, on a second line.
  • Please check if your template doesn't contains clearing styles for "current" class. If it does you need to add the following css to your template css

    .dj-megamenu .current {
    clear: none !important;

    Hope it'll be helpful.

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