Image Map on Slider

I need to be able to create a link for our call to action ie to the get a quote page and also a link to open a video in a lightbox from the slider image. Can I create an image map for an album or each custom item ? Any idea how to do this ?


  • I believe I've answered your question in the other thread

    If you will have any difficulties with setting this up then please contact us via helpdesk.

    Szymon Team
  • I need to be able to link to a video and also a a link to a call to action on the background image itself which includes a button. So can I create an image map for the 2 urls ?
    See I need a link on the big orange circle on right.
  • I have also tried to use a description as a link to a CTA using over the image
    on iphone 6 the description the link on the video does not work see second slider with link on lhs.
    on iphone 5 the description is hidden see first slider
  • Manage to fix the issue on iphone 6

    #dj-mslider9m271 .dj-slide-desc {

    but cannot get the description to show on iphone 5
  • The issue is on screen 320px
    slide-desc-bg {
    display: none !important;

    How to overide this ?
  • You can just add the stronger css selector.

    Please note that these styles are not located in the DJ-MediaTools, but in your template, so you should contact Joomla-Monster support regarding changing template special styling for DJ-MediaTools.
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