No Pagination

I have no pagination for groups or items, beyond the original 20 items listed on first page. I am able to create new group/items, but they do not appear in either the backend control panel or in the drop down menu on the module. The new items appear in search, but with no pagination (backend will only show 1 page with 20 items only). I have reinstalled ver.1.3.4, but the problem persists. Any suggestions on what may be causing the problem?

Thanks in advance :)


  • Hello,

    This problem will be resolved in the upcoming 1.3.5 version.

    To fix it now, the following change needs to be made:

    replace line 68:
    //$this->setState('list.limit', 0);
    $this->setState('list.limit', 0);

  • It did the trick. Thanks for your quick response.
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