Open image in lightbox on mobile not working

i set up the gallery on this page :מוצרי-החברה/tpv-e

1. i use Gallery grid
2. image on-click behaviour > Open image in lightbox

my issue is : on desktop it work good, on mobile is doesnt work !

u can check here :מוצרי-החברה/tpv-e


  • someone can help?
  • I have already answered your question in our support helpdesk system, but if someone have similar issue I will leave the comment here.

    DJ-MediaTools allows to choose between some lightbox scripts, however only the magnific popup script is modern and fully responsive. It works on all kind of devices and you should use it to avoid issues with opening full image in the lightbox. Other scripts are there only for backward compatibility, but in the end we will remove them in one of the future releases.
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