Extension Compatibility with Gantry 5.x

I'm trying to master the Gantry template framework (using RocketTheme templates), and they pack a lot of their extensions into their demo sites which, frankly, seem a bit inferior to yours. I use the free DJ-ImageSlider, but want to look into DJ-Mediatools, DJ-Tabs, and DJ-MegaMenu, which appear to be much more straightforward than the RocketTheme RokSprocket extension and some of their other options.

Are there any known compatibility issues or other problems with Gantry 5/RocketTheme that anyone is aware of? I'm particularly concerned with DJ-MegaMenu - to do the same in Gantry 5/RocketTheme, it requires a maze of Particles and modules and who-knows-what-else to customize things!

Thank you,


  • Hi Ernie,
    We are not aware of any issues with Gantry framework when it comes to our extensions, if there were issues found by users, they were addressed and fixed. If you are not sure about DJ-MegaMenu you can try the free version to make sure. Of course if you will find any issues just let us know (at feedback@dj-extensions.com) and we take a look at them, cheers!
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