[BUG] Filter Categories - include option does not work

Hello, I just tried the free v2.0.1 of Suggester Light. As far as I can see, the CATEGORY FILTER parameter does not work with INCLUDE option. Exclude seem to work though. Anyone else seeing this behavior? Probably due to missing updates? The last update was in Mai 2014. I assume, the commercial version does not have this issue.

How to re-create:

- setup a TEST article in a TEST category.
- create a special category for suggested articles only.
- create a 1 or more suggested articles in this special category.
- in plugin settings, choose INCLUDE and select the "SUGGESTED CATEGORY".
- visit TEST article and scroll down... NO suggestions!

Thanks for reading. Would like to hear some comments...


  • Hello,
    the plugin works correctly, category filtering applies for both: categories of article to be suggested and the categories of article where the suggestions will be displayed. In other words you need to include category TEST to display suggestions in the articles from this category.
  • Hello szym, thanks for your reply. But I don't think so. As far as I am not completely lost in translation, the parameters tooltip and help implies the functionality I have described in my initial question. To display something from the current article's category, you would have to set the following parameter:

    Follow category – You can choose to suggest item from the same category as current item or from all available items in filtered categories.

    If this parameter is set to "items in filtered categories", it should display suggestions from those "included" categories only.
    Since it works with "exclude" as described, it should also works in the opposite direction. Shouldn't it? IMHO, it is a bug.
  • Hello,
    I'm 100% sure, because I'm the only author of this extension and I wrote the tooltips for its parameters. The category filtering also applies for displaying suggestion flyout box in the articles which are assigned to filtered categories. We will add this note to the future release. Thanks.
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