Tabs Title over 2 lines ?

Looking to buy DJ Tabs, mainly for the feature of being able to a specific Tab from another page.

Just need to know if it is possible to have the Title of each tab to go over 2 lines ?

Sometimes Joomla allows a >br /> within the titles of things, which may work, but I need to know if this can be done before purchase please.

To Clarfy:

Say I want a Tab Title thats says "Tab Title Number 2"

I want it to be displayed over 2 lines eg:

Tab Title
Number 2

Thanks in advance



  • Hi Greg,

    HTML can be set to be displayed on tabs, but some additional css styling might need to be added to display the tabs' content in multiple lines correctly.

    Please contact us on helpdesk, in case a help with it will be needed.

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